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Lanturn's Friendly Guide to Singapore Corporate Taxes


There are tons of legal "niceties" involved when rounding up a company’s financial year. Keeping uptrue

Budget 2020: A One-Page Executive Summary

Accounting For Founders

There has been a lot of buzz around Singapore's national budget for 2020, especially in a timetrue

How to Build Cap Tables that Attract Investors

Corporate Secretary Accounting For Founders

Every business founder needs to raise funds for their startup at some point. Regardless of whichtrue

Financial Calendar 101

Corporate Secretary Accounting

You’ve probably heard the laments of meeting compliance deadlines. To save you from the anxietiestrue

5 Things to Consider when Outsourcing your Bookkeeping


It’s generally no mean feat to revamp your company’s bookkeeping for the 21st century. So, why dotrue

Why do you need a bookkeeper?


No matter what stage your business is at, having a bookkeeper can be the difference between failuretrue